We employ at-home agents to support Motel 6/Studio 6 reservation needs. We interact with guests from all over the world, so being bi-lingual is a definite plus.

Operations Leaders
Property Team
(Non-management roles)
Corporate Team
Contact Center Team

“No matter how times change, our Heart for Service remains the same. Being a part of a dynamic team has made my 20 years at Motel 6 an enjoyment.”

- Chet,
General Manager, Motel 6 Seekonk, MA

“As team members of the iconic Motel 6 brand we continue to look for better ways to provide the best experience for our guests, franchisees and the communities where we serve.”

Opening Manager, Corporate

“I’m proud to work for a company that truly recognizes the need in investing in our country’s military veterans.”

General Manager and Operation Next Step Representative, Motel 6 Sacramento, CA

“There are a lot of talented team members at the Contact Center. We are a group that enjoys showcasing those talents for an enhanced customer service experience and for our community.”

Managing Director, Contact Center

“By supporting the military spouse, you are supporting the veteran. Any group providing work to the military veteran community recognizes their worth and their ability to add value. And for that I am thankful.”

Legal Support Coordinator and Military Spouse, Corporate

“When I first started with the brand, I was a general manager for 10 years and was able to work my way up to a director of operations. My story is not the only one like this in the company; others have been able to grow and develop within the organization as well.”

Director of Operations

“Something that I have enjoyed and appreciated over the years is how team members are able to connect with our executive leadership all the way up to the CEO.”

General Manager, Motel 6 Salt Lake City, UT

Supporting Veterans
in Their Next Step

Honor. Value. Integrity. These are qualities you and Motel 6 have in common. We encourage you to explore Operation Next Step, where you can start the next chapter of your career with us.

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Perks & Benefits

Our perks and benefits are tailored to our team member's needs and celebrate their contributions.

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